Jordan Jonas

Season 1

Season 6
Age: 39
State: Montana
Profession: Wilderness Expedition Guide

Jordan has had a very unique path in life. He spent his childhood on a farm in Idaho. As a young man, he rode cross country freight trains which sparked his love for adventure and freedom. This experience gave him his first taste of true autonomy and a life without schedules, technological distractions, comfort, and guarantees. Shortly thereafter, he travelled to Russia where he spent a total of five years living in Siberian villages with fur trappers and amongst native Evenki nomads who heard reindeer. These experiences gave him a deep taste of how to thrive in true wilderness and offered a glimpse into lost aspects of the human experience.

After the invaluable experience of surviving months in the harsh Siberian wilderness, observing true masters of the land and gaining their skills to thrive in this environment, and learning the nuances of the psychology of outdoor life, Jordan learned from unforgiving experiences and those who live and experience the wildness every day. Doing so allowed him to thrive on season 6 of Alone where he amassed more food than any contestant in the show’s history and ultimately won season 6. He was also the first contestant to secure big game, not just once, but twice when he brought down a moose, a wolverine, as well as countless rabbits, fish, squirrels, and other wildlife.

Since then, Jordan has expanded his skill set and shares them while guiding expeditions into remote wildernesses. He loves sharing not only an invaluable skill set, but empowering people to experience and learn the lessons of the outdoors!