Lucas Miller

Season 1

Season 1
Age: 39
State: Arizona
Profession: Wilderness therapy guide / survival consultant

Since his appearance on the original season of Alone, Lucas relocated to a 20-acre homestead in the high Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. There, he navigates a rough, dry, forgotten yet magical patch of the world, aided by his fierce and loving partner, newly born son, and their trusty pup, Loba.

Daily life for Lucas exists in a colorful and unusually traditional way: he has found a passion for cooking with the local mesquite, which in turn cooks their daily fare. They also grow several traditional foods that nourish them: chiltepin Chiles, tepary beans, and native corn. Young pomegranates, figs, peaches, and Olive trees provide for them as well. Usually building with local materials found in the desert, Lucas (mostly cheerfully, sometimes grumpily) chips away at his many creative off-grid building projects that keep him busier than he’d like to admit.

Outside of his home, he finds time to initiate young adults in the fires of wilderness therapy programs, working with Mother Nature to heal troubled hearts in this turbulent time. He also has been a consultant and producer for several survival television shows. Lately, Lucas has been guiding Alone type survival experiences into the isolated tropical islands of Panama and the Philippines. There, he teaches travelers how to survive the tropical terrain and passes on necessary skills so they create, build, fish and hunt in the diminishing wild places of the world.

You can find Lucas laughing with his bright young son, attempting yoga routines in the wee hours of the morning, drinking his favorite tea, finding hidden swimming holes to escape the unbearable desert heat, sampling his homemade brews and wines, and being ordered by his strong-willed partner to finish a long overdue project. But most of all, Lucas loves being outside, on the land, as much as possible.

Whatever Lucas is up to, you can be certain it contains a little music, a lot of joking, fulfilling conversations- usually over steaming bowls and plates of delicious homemade food.