Callie North

Season 1

Season 3
Age: 33
State: Washington
Profession: Folk Herbalist / Mother

Callie (she/her) is a bio-regional seasonal folk herbalist, multi-creative artist, teacher and mother who draws inspiration from the ancestors, land and sea. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Unceeded Coast Salish Territory) and spent her formative years exploring the forests and waters of her surrounding home.

Understanding that she best learns through hands on experience, she chose to spend many years traveling, working, volunteering and living on nearly every continent. In 2016, she joyfully embarked on a 72-day solo in Patagonia, self-documenting living off the land for the third season of Alone. This experience profoundly impacted and shaped every aspect of her life moving forward, including becoming a lifelong steward of a piece of land, and introducing her to her partner, Randy, who was a participant on Alone Seasons 2 & 5. She also founded and co-owns Northsea Apothecary, a brick & mortar/ online business focused on herbal medicine and magic.

She and Randy live off grid in a beautiful forest, with their curious and happy daughter River Selkie, alongside a pond and seasonal creeks. They are surrounded by a community of trees, ravens, otters, redwing blackbirds, deer and their two beloved dogs Kiva and Juniper.

She dedicates her time on Alone Season 3 and Alone: The Skills Challenge to her intrepid and inspirational grandparents Bill and Lucy Dougall, the ones who taught her the meaning and importance of experiential learning and adventure. As they would say, “It’s not an adventure if you know the outcome!”.