Season 2 (9)

3 Seasons | 26 Episodes

Episode 8 Nazi Colony
S 2 E 8

Nazi Colony

Aired on Jan 03, 2017

Bob and John have followed hundreds of international declassified files all the way from Berlin to Chile, where they now investigate a secretive German community with reported Nazi ties. Inside the compound they find clues pointing to the potential forming of a Fourth Reich.

Episode 7 Unmarked Grave
S 2 E 7

Unmarked Grave

Aired on Dec 27, 2016

With Peron toppled from power, Hitler and Bormann could have been forced to flee Argentina. Following leads from declassified files, Bob and John send their teams into Chile and Paraguay to investigate Hitler’s whereabouts if he were forced to escape.

Episode 6 The Secret Island
S 2 E 6

The Secret Island

Aired on Dec 20, 2016

Digging deeper into reports about the Fourth Reich, Bob and John send the team to a rumored weapons testing site in Germany, and a mysterious deserted island in Argentina that could have housed nuclear facilities with Nazi ties after the war.

Episode 5 The Factory
S 2 E 5

The Factory

Aired on Dec 13, 2016

Bob and John’s investigation continues in Spain, Morocco and Argentina. The teams look into Hitler’s possible escape route while uncovering a plan for a Nazi 4th Reich.

Episode 4 The Web
S 2 E 4

The Web

Aired on Dec 06, 2016

While following leads on a Nazi escape network, the teams in Southern Spain and Northern Argentina both make discoveries of vast tunnel systems in the mountains.

Episode 3 Eyewitness Accounts
S 2 E 3

Eyewitness Accounts

Aired on Nov 29, 2016

Bob and John’s investigation leads them to Northern Spain, where a declassified document shows Hitler and a close associate, Leon Degrelle, could have moved from Denmark to San Sebastian, Spain. James Holland and Mike Simpson hit the ground in Spain, where they discover several eye witnesses, a satellite of the Third Reich, and what could be a Nazi communications center. The South American team is in Misiones, Argentina, where they are able to speak with a living relative of Herman Goering. The team uncovers another eyewitness in the area, who claims his father worked for Martin Bormann, Hitler’s right-hand man, after the end of the war. Because Bormann was believed dead in 1945, this bombshell lead could open a whole new path of the investigation.

Episode 2 The Compound
S 2 E 2

The Compound

Aired on Nov 22, 2016

Bob and John’s dual investigation continues in Europe and Argentina. While investigating makeshift runways as an escape from Berlin by air, the team finds reason to believe Hitler would have had a stopping point on the way to Spain. Following files that place Hitler in Denmark after the war, Lenny and James Holland head to Denmark, where they investigate an airstrip and a massive bunker system and meet with local experts to uncover Hitler’s possible escape route. Still deep in the jungles of Misiones, Argentina, Tim and Alasdair unearth clue after clue that could make this area a Nazi militarized compound. Terraced structures, man-made walls and defensible outposts all point to a heavily guarded area–perfectly set up to protect a high value Nazi target.

Episode 1 The Hunt Continues
S 2 E 1

The Hunt Continues

Aired on Nov 15, 2016

Bob Baer and John Cencich return with new experts and new technology to examine Hitler’s possible escape from every angle. Armed with 14,000 declassified files from international intelligence agencies, the team opens new lines of inquiry in their investigation that spans thousands of miles. They return to Berlin, where Lenny DePaul and Sascha Keil discover an unknown fifth exit from Hitler’s Fuhrerbunker. Knowing that Hitler had access to another way out of the bunker, they begin investigating areas that could have served as a makeshift runway out of Berlin. Meanwhile, Tim Kennedy and Alasdair Brooks, historical archaeologist, reunite with Daniel Schavelzon at the mysterious Nazi lair in Misiones, Argentina. They discover a new building that could be more than just a hideout–it could be a military compound!

Episode 0 Inside the Investigation
S 2 E 0

Inside the Investigation

Aired on Nov 01, 2016

In this special episode of “Hunting Hitler”, Bob Baer and his team look back on their first season. Viewers are given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, with never before seen footage and new interviews, investigating the possible escape of Adolf Hitler after World War II.

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