Age: 42

Profession: School Teacher

Beck is a secondary school Science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teacher and grandmother. She’s the matriarch of her small family, which includes her partner, four children, two grandchildren and a plethora of farm animals.

An earthmother, Beck grew up with camping and fishing playing a constant role in her life and leisure activities. She feels more at home in the outdoors than anywhere else, and she consciously steers her time in favor of being out bush and throwing out a rod as often as possible. She’s excited to embrace this opportunity to represent women in their 40s and Indigenous women of the LGBTQI+ community and, most importantly, to be an inspiration to her children and grandchildren.

“I’m resourceful, I’m a problem solver and I’m bloody stubborn, but I’m not a survival expert. I’ve grown up camping and fishing and been out on Country and I’ve learned from my Elders and friends who are great outdoors people. Though I’ve never been away from my partner, I’m ready to test myself!”