Age: 22

Profession: Farmhand and Engineering Student

At 22 years of age, Jimmy is the youngest of the 10, but by no means the least experienced. He’s been hunting since he was five years old and has spent most of his years learning to self-provide from the land through practice and trial and error.

Jimmy is completing a Civil Engineering course, but prefers farmhand work to being confined to buildings and offices on campus in the city. He’s a very active member of the small farming community he lives in and volunteers as a CFS firefighter. At home, Jimmy raises, butchers, and processes his own livestock and grows his own fruit and vegetables on the property.

“I’ve spent most of my life being outdoors and learning what I can from nature and seeing how far I can go just on my own without having to rely on others. Ever since I saw the very first episode of the first U.S. ‘Alone’ series, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do!”