Age: 39

Profession: Army Veteran

Chris lives a self-sufficient coastal lifestyle alone with best friend Billy, his loyal Jack Russell, his extensive vegetable plot and his chooks. A retired war veteran of Iraq living with PTSD, Chris finds being alone with nature, on the coast and away from the lights and sounds of the city, incredibly restorative. He is an avid fisherman, abalone and crayfish free diver and a self-sustaining beach, ocean and spear fisherman; and started creating and sharing content around his fishing escapades as a way to connect with people going through similar trauma after service.

His goal is to push himself to his limits, and in doing so, to demonstrate to others like him that anxiety disorders do not have to define or inhibit activity and that submerging oneself in nature can be a powerful and effective healer.

“Whether it’s diving in the ocean, camping, or exploring the land, all I know is that a life lived outside in the elements is where we as humans belong. It’s the only way for healthy minds. That’s where I live.”