Age: 31

Profession: Hunting Guide

As soon as Peter’s fine motor skills were developed enough to hold a tool in his hands, he was out hunting and fishing with family; learning the skills, dexterity, and smarts of the craft as well as the intricacies of the physical and mental game. He has refined these skills over many years of practice and carried them through into adulthood, making him the much sought-after hunting guide that he is today.

As the lead guide on his hunting expeditions, Peter has worked across a wide range of terrains and in a variety of weather conditions, survival situations and natural environments and is confident in his experience, knowledge, and abilities when it comes to the safety and survival requirements of this challenge.

Peter has never gone hunting without his rifle or bow, or his chosen survival equipment, so this Alone experience will be an all-new experiment for him in largely untested waters.

“I’m adaptive. I’m inventive. I’m very strong-minded. In my line of work, you need to be! I have people from all around the world come hunting with me here in Australia. Everything I’ve learned from all over the years of survival skills, hunting skills, fire, water, trapping, skinning—the whole lot; this is the one, ultimate place for me to put all my skills to the test.”