Age: 45

Profession: Solo Adventurist

Mike lives on the central north coast of NSW with his wife, two children and his chocolate labrador Ollie. Up until recently he was a fulltime pilot in the Australian Defence Force. He has also put his skills to the test outside the military during many extended private expeditions around the world. He likes to test his survival theories in extreme environments, which have ranged from arctic colds to the extreme heats of middle eastern desserts.

The extreme outdoors, photography and filming are his passion. This is what led Mike to resign from the military and its secure income to pursue his dream of setting and completing his own solo expeditions, and filming them to share the experience with others.

Mike has completed three major self-funded and self-filmed expeditions; one across the Kimberley, another across a Saudi Arabian desert with his own camels, and the other an 1846 shipwreck survivor escape scenario along the Far North Queensland coast in a self-constructed dugout canoe.

“I’ve grown up spending a lot of time out in the bush doing a lot of solo survival. It really is my passion. My experience from my last adventure is that you really do get in tune with the landscape, so to have the opportunity to stay in the one spot for a long time and just really tune into it… that will be amazing!”