Age: 43

Profession: Vet and Bush Regenerator

Michael lives with his wife and two children on over 500 acres, running the family farm and tending to his livestock. That includes 120 sheep, 14 cattle, six donkeys, one horse and 175,000 bees—not to mention their fruit and vegetable crops.

Michael has several degrees; a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiation Technology: Nuclear Medicine, a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management and a Certificate IV in Business Management Diploma. He worked as a veterinarian in his own practice for 14 years before selling the business to focus on his farm and his new passion—bush regeneration.

In spite of the fact that he enjoys the quiet of his own company, Michael‘s beliefs will be a source of strength to him at times when the isolation and loneliness prove toughest.

“My favorite thing is to do what someone else says can’t be done. Necessity is the mother of invention, and few things we choose to do are actually impossible.”