Season 15 (29)

21 Seasons | 636 Episodes, 66 Unlocked

Episode 30 A Treasure Remembered
S 15 E 30

A Treasure Remembered

Aired on Jun 27, 2018

It’s time to say goodbye to the toughest, grumpiest, and most-loved patriarch at the Gold & Silver. Rick, Corey, Chum, and a host of colleagues from the shop remember “the Old Man”—Richard Benjamin Harrison. Enjoy some of the Old Man’s best moments over a decade of funny jabs, odd sayings, fierce negotiations and great buys on Pawn Stars.

Episode 29 Big Fish in a Small Pawn
S 15 E 29

Big Fish in a Small Pawn

Aired on May 21, 2018

Rick tackles a set of San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl rings, but can he bring the high asking price just a touch down? A speargun used to hunt marine life makes a splash with Corey and Rick, but will they notice anything fishy when they test it out? Chum steps up when a pair of 18th-century shoe protectors walk in the door, but can they get the seller to toe the line? Later, Rick has some interest in a miniature model of the Traders Bank of Canada. Will he become invested, or decide to withdraw?

Episode 28 The Pistol Is Mightier Than the Sword
S 15 E 28

The Pistol Is Mightier Than the Sword

Aired on May 14, 2018
Rick takes a stab at a sword with an attached pistol from the 1700s. Will he hit the bullseye or shoot himself in the foot? A portrait of legendary film and theater actor John Barrymore takes center stage, but will it perform well with Rick and Chum? Later, Rick is pointed to an antique navigational timepiece used by ships in the 19th century. Is he destined to buy it, or will he lose his way? Corey gets revved up over a 1969 Harley motorbike, but will he tire of it too soon?
Episode 27 Here's Looking at You, Pawn!
S 15 E 27

Here's Looking at You, Pawn!

Aired on May 07, 2018
This episode of Pawn Stars takes flight with a 1911 first edition novel of Peter Pan, but would Rick rather spend his Shenan-doah on a piece of scrap metal from an infamous fallen airship? Also, a seller tries to sweep Rick off of his feet with an ancient kneeling Thepanom statue. And later, everybody comes to Rick's, but it's up to Corey if a "Casablanca" movie poster is worth the six figures it would take to watch a deal take place.
Episode 26 Payne in the Putt
S 15 E 26

Payne in the Putt

Aired on Apr 30, 2018

Rick is wheels up to Washington D.C. to go see one of the first ever Jeeps that was built to use in WWII. While he’s in town, he stops by an antique book store to read up on an ancient alchemy book. Meanwhile, back in Vegas, a magic lantern image projector from the early 20th century has Chum seeing things in a whole different light. A fortune-telling gambling machine is, without a doubt, a great find for the shop. Will Chum see a purchase in his future? Later, by a stroke of luck, a pair of knickers that belonged to golfer Payne Stewart swing into the shop. Will Chum land in a hazard during negotiation, or will he land the shop in the green?

Episode 25 Highly Explosive Pawn
S 15 E 25

Highly Explosive Pawn

Aired on Apr 23, 2018

A seller approaches the Pawn Stars to present them with a past prop from “Back to the Future, Part II.” Rick feels dated when a creepy chemical company calendar from 1900 crosses his desk. It’s all hands on deck when a British Navy gunpowder bucket blasts into the shop. Will Rick scoop it up, or send it overboard? Later, a belt owned by country music legend Merle Haggard takes things up a notch.

Episode 24 Pawned and Confused
S 15 E 24

Pawned and Confused

Aired on Mar 05, 2018

A seller drums up excitement for his Led Zeppelin vinyl albums that’s music to Rick and Chum’s ears. Will they think these records rock enough to roll out some cash? An elaborate 19th century office desk is a formidable piece of furniture. Will Rick move to file it under “must-haves”, or will he remain stationary? Next up to bat is a game-used base from the 2016 World Series. Will Rick and Corey think it’s a steal, or will they walk? Later, Rick takes a trip to see “The Object,” an obelisk-shaped item featured on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Presence” album, but will the seller have objections to selling such a rare find?

Episode 23 In the Presence of Greatness
S 15 E 23

In the Presence of Greatness

Aired on Mar 05, 2018

Rick and Chum grapple with a Batman utility belt toy from the 1960s. Will they be hooked into buying it? A gorgeous Mosrite electric guitar shocks everyone at the shop, but will Corey and the seller be in tune when it comes to making a deal? Rick continues his hunt for “The Object,” an item featured in the album art for Led Zeppelin’s album “Presence.” When one that’s for sale ends up on his counter, can he be objective about this object of his desire? Later, an autograph book signed by 41 comic book artists draws Corey’s attention. Will he sign on the dotted line after drawn out negotiations?

Episode 22 Blades of Deal
S 15 E 22

Blades of Deal

Aired on Feb 26, 2018

Rick drives up to a 1984 Ferrari 308 that he hopes to drive off with. Can he accelerate a deal, or will the high asking price throttle negotiations? Corey is all ears when a seller brings in a phone-operated music player from the 1930s. Rick throws his hat into the ring for a cowboy hat owned by Larry Hagman of the TV shows “Dallas” and “I Dream of Jeannie.” Later, a Vegas Golden Knights hockey jersey signed by goalie Marc-Andr Fleury gets an icy reception from Chum and Rick – until Fleury himself skates in to tell them whether it’s authentic.

Episode 21 A Killer Cap
S 15 E 21

A Killer Cap

Aired on Feb 26, 2018
A top hat and pistol that once belonged to a "Jack the Ripper" suspect are two items that Rick would kill to have. Corey works overtime to get his hands on a 1920s time clock. Will he strike a bargain or wind up ticked off? The creator of the board game "Face to Face" wants to sell the rights to the game along with his stockpile of celebrity signatures, but Rick and Chum need to make sure these faces have some value. Later, a garden gnome stained glass lamp lights up the pawn shop, but will Chum come up short in negotiation?
Episode 20 Fully Vested
S 15 E 20

Fully Vested

Aired on Feb 19, 2018

The Pawn Stars start off with a bang when a beautiful pair of 18th century breech-loading pistols breach the shop. Will these guns hit the bullseye or will they misfire? Things get heavy when a seller brings in a paperweight made by renowned glass artist Paul Stankard. A vest made to hold the 14 harmonicas of Blues Traveler frontman John Popper is music to Chum’s ears; Popper himself even pops into the shop to give Chum a harmonica lesson.

Episode 19 President's Day Sale
S 15 E 19

President's Day Sale

Aired on Feb 19, 2018

Rick tries to snap up an autographed card of President Abraham Lincoln that he can’t picture himself without. Corey and Chum think about offering big bills for a golf driver shaft designed for President Bill Clinton, until they’re fore-warned he may not have used it. Rick checks out a personal check signed by President James Madison that bounces into the shop, but will it clear his reservations? Later, a patent model for an American flag press has Rick seeing stars and stripes, but will he pledge to buy it?

Episode 18 The Happiest Place to Pawn
S 15 E 18

The Happiest Place to Pawn

Aired on Feb 05, 2018
Rick and Corey are inspired by an anti-war speech signed by Dr. Martin Luther King. Will they "sit in" or sit this one out? A remote-controlled miniature version of a boat from Disney's Jungle Cruise ride has Rick and Chum navigating a tough deal. Rick pins his hopes on a German "Blue Max" medal from WWI, but can he honor the seller's high asking price? Later, in an interesting development, an antique Nikon camera from the 1950s makes a flashy appearance. Will Chum snap it up or shutter himself off?
Episode 17 Ultimate Fighting Pawn
S 15 E 17

Ultimate Fighting Pawn

Aired on Feb 05, 2018

A seller brings in an antique high wheel bike that’s off the chain. Will Rick think these wheels are a steal, or will he tire of this bike? Chum gets the sharp end of the stick when he sells one of Rick’s prized Japanese katanas to UFC President Dana White. Rick leaves the pawn shop to score a gorgeously-restored grand piano from the 1800s. Will it hit all the right notes, or will he Bach out of the sale? Later, Rick jams out to an original Walkman cassette player. Will he fast forward to a sale, or hit the pause button?

Episode 16 Some Serious Coinage
S 15 E 16

Some Serious Coinage

Aired on Jan 29, 2018

The first American coin ever made has Rick thinking this is a sale that was mint to be–but it’ll cost him a serious chunk of change. Corey and Chum see a future for an antique “Jetsons” cartoon lunchbox that zooms across their counter. Can they draw on their negotiating skills and make a deal? A hood ornament from an Austrian automaker pulls into the shop, but will it drive Rick to make an offer? Later, Rick gets some self-help, medieval style, from an ancient Latin book.

Episode 15 Can't Pawn Me Love
S 15 E 15

Can't Pawn Me Love

Aired on Jan 29, 2018

Rick travels to an art gallery in the Venetian Hotel to see some monstrously expensive illustrations from the classic children’s book, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Back at the shop, a collection of ultra-rare Beatles vinyl records sends Chum across the universe. Can he work it out with the seller, or will he decide to let it be? Chum warms his buns with an antique hot dog bun warmer, while Rick is frank about an electric hot dog cooker. Later, Rick and Chum can only hope to force the sale of a Princess Leia action figure signed by the late Carrie Fisher.

Episode 14 Series Rings and Rap Kings
S 15 E 14

Series Rings and Rap Kings

Aired on Jan 22, 2018

The Gold & Silver is brushed with a stroke of luck when an original Marc Chagall painting draws Rick’s attention. Will he master this piece, or will he gloss over it? Later, Rick takes a swing at buying a Boston Red Sox World Series ring. Can he strike a deal, or will he strike out? Corey goes crazy for a first edition of Ken Kesey’s novel, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” When the BMW that legendary rapper Tupac was shot in rolls up, all eyes are on Rick and Chum. Will they drive this deal home, or decide to steer clear?

Episode 13 Revolutionary Rick!
S 15 E 13

Revolutionary Rick!

Aired on Jan 22, 2018
Rick celebrates the 500th episode of Pawn Stars by spending some capital in our nation's capital. First up is a set of silver spoons made by American patriot Paul Revere. Can Rick cut a deal for this cutlery? Meanwhile, back at the Gold & Silver, things get lit when a talking candle prop from "H.R. Pufnstuf" fires things up. Later, a flamingo given away at the opening of the 1946 Las Vegas' Pink Flamingo Hotel flies in. Will Corey swoop in to peck it up? Finally, back in D.C., Rick gets his hands on two items worth millions of dollars that belonged to THE American forefather, George Washington.
Episode 12 The Devil Went Down to Vegas
S 15 E 12

The Devil Went Down to Vegas

Aired on Nov 20, 2017

The Pawn Stars dive right in with a folding bike used by paratroopers during WWII. Will they stick the landing or collapse under pressure? An antique German clock winds up in front of Corey. Will he chime in with a good offer? A fiddle signed by “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” singer Charlie Daniels puts Rick in a bind, ’cause he’s way behind–is he willing to make a deal? Later, Rick tries to dig himself out of a hole when an old miner’s self-rescuer falls into the store.

Episode 11 Top Rope, Bottom Dollar
S 15 E 11

Top Rope, Bottom Dollar

Aired on Nov 20, 2017

Rick and Chum thumb through an ancient tome that was believed to hold the secret for turning metals into gold. Will the two band together to buy this banned book? A costume signed by “Macho Man” Randy Savage leaves Corey and Chum wrestling with a tough decision. A half dollar that was supposedly pierced by sharpshooter Annie Oakley finds itself in Rick’s crosshairs, but this shot is anything but cheap. Later, a fancy French gunpowder flask leaves Rick locked and loaded–but will he actually pull the trigger on this sale?

Episode 10 Pawnie and Clyde
S 15 E 10

Pawnie and Clyde

Aired on Nov 13, 2017
A set of illustrations from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" prompt Chum to make a sketchy deal that draws lots of attention. Flashy door handles from one of Las Vegas' first casinos has Rick feeling like he won the jackpot. Handwritten memoirs from a member of Bonnie & Clyde's gang are so unique it's criminal. Are they a steal, or is this seller committing highway robbery? An original version of The Game of Life leaves Rick and Corey anything but board. Rick hits the mother lode when a device used for gold mining strikes up an interesting prospect, but this pan might be too much for him to handle.
Episode 9 Royally Pawned
S 15 E 9

Royally Pawned

Aired on Nov 13, 2017
A set of royal British armor has Rick suiting up to strike a bargain. Chumlee's purchase of a U.S. Open custom electric guitar gets no love from Rick. Will Chum be able to net a profit before Rick reaches his break point? Signatures and a movie script from famed comedy duo Abbott & Costello inspire Corey and Chum to reenact a hilarious scene from the film, but the amount of money this seller is asking for is no laughing matter. A seller with an antique coin-operated scale throws his weight around during negotiations. Can Rick get him to lighten up enough to make a deal?
Episode 8 The Pawn Commandments
S 15 E 8

The Pawn Commandments

Aired on Nov 06, 2017
The Pawn Stars get all wound up over an automaton that performs a magic trick. A seller with a Bible from the 1500s tries to make a believer out of Corey, but his go-to book expert warns him to beware of false profits. Rick hedges his bets when a horse race gambling machine gallops into the store. And later, Rick has a set of insignias from a WWII bombardment group square in his sights.
Episode 7 Samurais and Centerfolds
S 15 E 7

Samurais and Centerfolds

Aired on Nov 06, 2017

The Pawn Stars learn the way of the samurai when Rick and Chumlee come to grips with a valuable Japanese katana from the 1800s. Rick comes out of his shell when a set of sea turtle coins from the ancient Mediterranean city of Aegina crawl into the shop. Straight out of Mayberry, a collection of Gomer Pyle bubble gum trading cards have Rick bursting to add to his collection. Rick and Corey get their hands on some Playboy assets in the form of stock certificates.

Episode 6 Wish-a-Pawn a Star
S 15 E 6

Wish-a-Pawn a Star

Aired on Oct 30, 2017
The Gold & Silver turns into the happiest place on earth when a seller brings in some vintage Disneyland employee costumes. A Volkswagen space patrol toy car sends Rick over the moon, but the price tag has him seeing stars. Corey lights up when a rare "Smoking Hamilton" currency printing error blows through the doors. Rick allies himself with an art expert to determine if a WWII painting could lead the shop to victory.
Episode 5 E Equals MC Pawn
S 15 E 5

E Equals MC Pawn

Aired on Oct 30, 2017
The Pawn Stars make calculated moves when some handwritten math by Albert Einstein could multiply their profits. Chumlee tries to prove he isn't dim when he pays big bucks to have an antique headlamp tester shining brightly once again. Corey and Chumlee take a stab at buying a prop from the classic horror movie "Child's Play." Later, a pill case pops into the shop that may have once belonged to Hollywood legend Carole Lombard, but Rick does a second take to make sure it's not a stand-in.
Episode 4 Chum's Risky Business
S 15 E 4

Chum's Risky Business

Aired on Oct 23, 2017

Chumlee is holding out for a superhero when a seller brings in boxes upon boxes of inherited comic books. Rick learns you have to buy money to make money when some rare turn of the century currency hits his counter. Chumlee flips out when an antique pinball machine launches into the store.

Episode 3 Pawn or Bust
S 15 E 3

Pawn or Bust

Aired on Oct 23, 2017

A bust of Marlon Brando has Rick making its owner an offer he can’t refuse… or can he? It’s game on with the Pawn Stars when a Donkey Kong penny bank from the early 1980s barrels into the store. Rick needs to keep both eyes open when he spots a cyclops print made by a member of the band Devo.

Episode 2 Et tu, Rick?
S 15 E 2

Et tu, Rick?

Aired on Oct 16, 2017

There’s an air of betrayal at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop when an super rare ancient Roman “Ides of March” coin comes into the shop. Chumlee goes post-apocalyptic over an original “Mad Max” movie poster. Meanwhile, Rick gets his paws on an MGM lion brass knocker.

Episode 1 Going, Going...Pawn!
S 15 E 1

Going, Going...Pawn!

Aired on Oct 16, 2017
The Pawns Stars are knocked out of the park when a drive to L.A. promises Rick a peek at Babe Ruth's "called shot" bat. Corey has a giant jones for a miniature model of Ralph Lauren's Bugatti Type 57SC.

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