Season 6 (28)

21 Seasons | 635 Episodes, 81 Unlocked

Episode 28 Thirty Something
S 6 E 28

Thirty Something

Aired on Sep 03, 2012

Light some candles with the Pawn Stars as the guys prepare a surprise for Chumlee’s 30th birthday. Will Corey’s plan to buy him a Harley-Davidson FXR make it past the Old Man? Then, a guy brings in a set of statue molds. Used to make souvenir statues of Joe DiMaggio and John McGraw for the Baseball Hall of Fame, can the guys sculpt a fair deal, or will the seller’s asking price break the mold? And later, Rick and Chumlee eye an Identi-Kit used by police to make eyewitness sketches of criminal suspects. Will Rick want this item in his lineup?

Episode 27 Fork It Over
S 6 E 27

Fork It Over

Aired on Sep 03, 2012

Take flight with the Pawn Stars as they check out a fork from the wreckage of the Hindenburg. Considered one of history’s greatest disasters, will Rick fork over some cash for this rare item, or will the deal crash and burn? Then, Old Man and Chum are offered a high-caliber Winchester rifle. Nicknamed the “elephant gun” for its ability to take down big game, can the guys separate this piece from the herd, or are they taking a shot in the dark? And later, Rick and the Old Man check out a 1958 Packard Baker. Will the Old Man be able to say no to this combination of a Packard and a Studebaker, or is this one too far gone even for him?

Episode 26 Say It Ain't So
S 6 E 26

Say It Ain't So

Aired on Aug 27, 2012

Step up to the plate with the Pawn Stars as Rick takes a swing at a book signed by “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. One of the sporting world’s rarest signatures, has Rick found baseball’s holy grail, or is the scribbled signature a strike out? Then, the guys check out a Savage Navy pistol. Commissioned by the U.S. military during the Civil War, will they see a profit in the uniquely designed gun, or will the deal fail to set sail? And later, Corey and Chum orbit a Moonman statue from the MTV Video Music Awards. Do the guys deliver an acceptance speech, or send their regrets?

Episode 25 Some Like It Not
S 6 E 25

Some Like It Not

Aired on Aug 27, 2012

Take the Pawn Stars hostage, when a $20 bill from infamous hijacker “DB Cooper” skydives into the shop. The only unsolved airplane hijacking in U.S. history, do the guys pay a king’s ransom, or will negotiations get lost to the wind? Then, a guy marches in with a sword from the Civil War. Made for the foot artillery, does Rick see a sharp profit to be made or will he lose his edge? And later, Rick and Corey check out a collection of paintings by actor Tony Curtis. Will these works give them a whiff of the sweet smell of success?

Episode 24 Free Willie
S 6 E 24

Free Willie

Aired on Aug 20, 2012

Hail a ride with the Pawn Stars when a taxi from the 1992 sci-fi movie “Free Jack” pulls up to the shop. Specially built just for the movie, do the guys give this prop some props, or send it back to the future? Then, a San Francisco Giants uniform owned by baseball legend Willie Mays has Chum and Corey seeing green. Will they try to take this deal into extra innings, or will something make them cry foul? And later, a guy walks in with a fully functioning brass hand cannon. Looking like something from a pirate movie, will Rick see a buried treasure, or is this unusual weapon just a swashbuckling novelty?

Episode 23 Cool as Ike
S 6 E 23

Cool as Ike

Aired on Aug 20, 2012

The Pawn Stars prepare to invade when Rick is offered a memoir written and signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Detailing his command during WWII, is Rick willing to pay big bucks for this rare book, or will the negotiation force him to retreat? Then, a shop regular piques Rick’s interest with a Remington New Model Army. Considered the second most popular pistol of the Civil War, will Rick make an offer, or has popularity diminished its value? And later, Corey and Chum orbit a set of food bags made for Apollo 11. Are the guys hungry to make a deal, or are the seller’s expectations out of this world?

Episode 22 Bullitt Proof
S 6 E 22

Bullitt Proof

Aired on Aug 13, 2012

Burn some rubber with the Pawn Stars when they check out a 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback. Just like the car driven by Steve McQueen in “Bullitt,” will Rick get into a high-speed chase for this classic muscle? Then, a guy moseys in with an 1858 Smith & Wesson Model 1. The same model used to kill Wild Bill Hickok, will this Old West pistol still pack a punch, or is the seller drawing dead? And later, a man dashes in with a WWII telegraph set. A wireless version often associated with spies, will the guys tap out a good price, or will the seller’s bottom line force them to stop?

Episode 21 Kick the Can
S 6 E 21

Kick the Can

Aired on Jul 09, 2012

Take the field with the Pawn Stars when a World Series ring from the 1995 Atlanta Braves slides into the shop. Known as “the team of the 90s,” will the guys try to push the negotiation into extra innings, or is this item out of their league? Then, Corey and the Old Man hear the sweet sound of cash when a Sho-Bud steel guitar comes in. A classic instrument in country music, can the Old Man get it for a song, or is the seller singing a different tune? And later, a guy brings in an oilcan used for fueling a 19th century lighthouse lamp. Will the Old Man guide this deal through treacherous waters?

Episode 20 Jet Setters
S 6 E 20

Jet Setters

Aired on Jul 09, 2012

Take aim at the Pawn Stars when a guy brings in a Wesson over and under pistol. Nicknamed “the ladies friend” due to its popularity with women, will Corey and the Old Man charge into this deal with both barrels blazing? Then, a 19th century pocket watch winds into the shop. Inscribed with a “thank you” from one Civil War veteran to another for saving his life, will Rick be a hero to the seller, or will he have bad news? And later, Rick and the Old Man are flying high when a collection of Boeing aviation memorabilia jets in. Including a rare patch from Boeing’s first missile tests, will the guys try to knock this deal out of the sky?

Episode 19 Stuff It
S 6 E 19

Stuff It

Aired on Jul 02, 2012

The Pawn Stars are presented with the most collectable Smith & Wesson gun out there, the Model 320 Revolving Rifle. With only 977 ever made, will the guys be able to keep a bead on this incredibly rare weapon, or will some condition issues make the deal misfire? Then, Chum and the Old Man are craving pizza when they take a look at a collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Can Chum convince the Old Man to invest in these 1980’s classics? And later, the night shift gets creepy when a seller brings in a collection of custom taxidermy pieces. Will Corey and Olivia be able to buy them without getting skinned alive?

Episode 18 Hot and Colt
S 6 E 18

Hot and Colt

Aired on Jul 02, 2012

Take aim at the Pawn Stars when a Colt Paterson revolver pops into the shop. Believed to be a prototype of Colt’s first gun, will the guys draw up a plan to own this piece of firearms history, or does the seller’s story need a little work? Then, the Old Man relives the glory days when a 1955 GMC truck drives in. The last GMC with a classic rounded body design, does what’s under the hood live up to the iconic look? And later, life imitates art when a guy brings in an animation cel from the 1960’s cartoon “Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales.” Complete with a picture of “Chumley the Walrus,” will Corey break the bank over his best friend’s namesake, or is the cel simply not suited for the shop?

Episode 17 Stalled Deals
S 6 E 17

Stalled Deals

Aired on Jun 25, 2012

The Pawn Stars call “shotgun!” when a 1918 Buick Touring Car journeys to the shop. Top of the line for its day, will the Old Man’s soft spot for old cars make him loosen up his wallet? Then, Rick and Chumlee encounter a tennis racket signed by tennis legend Arthur Ashe. Can Rick serve up a monster offer for this rare piece of sports memorabilia, or is the price too far out of bounds? And later, a guy sneaks in with a set of fake books used to smuggle guns out of Germany after WWII. Will the guys try to conceal their interest, or is the seller trying to sneak one by?

Episode 16 Love Me Spender
S 6 E 16

Love Me Spender

Aired on Jun 25, 2012

Rock out with the Pawn Stars when an Elvis Presley contract gyrates into the shop. Signed before The King got famous, will the guys try to buy this piece of music history, or will they send the seller to Heartbreak Hotel? Then, Chum and Corey look down the barrel of a rare Winchester rifle. Made for the popular 1800’s sport of target shooting, can the guys score a bulls eye with this deal? And later, a seller brings in a set of buttons that belonged to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Will Rick be able negotiate without losing his head?

Episode 15 Pin It to Win It
S 6 E 15

Pin It to Win It

Aired on Jun 18, 2012

Play detective with the Pawn Stars when they try to discover the origins of a mysterious rifle brought into the shop. Will Rick pull the trigger on the deal of his life, or will the negotiation blow up in his face? Then, Corey and the Old Man are presented with a signed print by Leroy Neiman. Considered one of America’s greatest living artists, do the guys draw up an offer for this highly collectable piece of art, or get painted into a corner? And later, a collection of old sports pins needle their way into the shop. Can they nail down a deal or will this one fall apart?

Episode 14 That Sinking Feeling
S 6 E 14

That Sinking Feeling

Aired on Jun 18, 2012

The tension is sky-high for the Pawn Stars, when a book signed by Charles Lindbergh flies into focus. Chronicling his historic flight, can they stay alert during a grueling negotiation, or nod off and lose control? Then, a medal commemorating the sinking of the Lusitania torpedoes into the shop. Issued by Germany to celebrate their infamous attack, do they navigate dangerous waters for this rare piece, or let it sink without a trace? And later, a guy tries to throw Rick off balance when he brings in a rare 17th century Dutch money scale. Will the deal tip in Rick’s favor?

Episode 13 Dirty Sox
S 6 E 13

Dirty Sox

Aired on Jun 11, 2012

Pop goes the Pawn Stars when four original paintings by Andy Warhol brush by. Do the guys give these rare works 15 minutes of fame, or just send them back to the factory? Then, a baseball signed by members of the infamous 1919 Chicago Black Sox has Rick and Corey seeing green. Will the guys signal for a steal, or does a tough negotiation knock the price out of the park? And later, a pair of 10k gold sunglasses comes in on the night shift. Can Chumlee and Olivia eye a good deal on these vintage specs, or will the seller have it made in the shade?

Episode 12 Like a Rock
S 6 E 12

Like a Rock

Aired on Jun 11, 2012

Take a load off with the Pawn Stars when a 1955 Chevy Pickup rolls by the shop. A rare “first edition” model, will the guys offer a truck full of cash for this sweet ride, or will they haul ass out of there? Then, a guy pops in with a Smith and Wesson “top break” revolver. Favored by Police Departments in the late 1800’s, can Rick lay down the law and make a deal, or is he simply outgunned? And later, Rick and the Old Man are presented with a 1950’s admiral’s telephone from a U.S. Navy ship. Complete with a line for ordering nuclear strikes, will they navigate through this deal unscathed, or will the Old Man go down with the ship?

Episode 11 Silver Linings
S 6 E 11

Silver Linings

Aired on Jun 04, 2012

Take a shine to the Pawn Stars when a guy brings in 100 pounds of pure silver. Including a single brick worth over $35,000, will the guys mine a deal, or will a led center cause the deal to sink? Then, Rick gets stumped when a seller brings in a mysterious book. Hand-written in Cyrillic, can this ancient text turn a successful chapter for the store, or is the end written in stone? And later, the guys flash back to the ’90s when a collection of movie props from “Batman Forever” come into the shop. Will nostalgia lead them to bite, or will they not even bat an eyelash?

Episode 10 Family Feud
S 6 E 10

Family Feud

Aired on May 28, 2012

The Pawn Stars experience some family drama when a rifle from the Hatfield-McCoy feud ambushes the shop. Formerly owned by the notorious “Cap” Hatfield, can Rick get this antique Winchester for a fair price, or will the seller force him into a bidding war? Then, a work by rock and roll artist Denny Dent rocks and rolls through the shop. Will this painting of John Lennon be a deal to remember, or will the asking price force Rick to just let it be? And later, a guy comes in with an inkwell owned by William Andrews Clark. Known as the man who helped build Las Vegas, can the guys ink the deal on this piece of local history?

Episode 9 Three Hour Tour
S 6 E 9

Three Hour Tour

Aired on May 28, 2012

The Pawn Stars try to cash in when a seller presents them with rare $1 and $5 bills from the 1800’s. Will they see dollar signs or will the asking price break the bank? Then, the guys plug their ears when a Big Bang Cannon pops in. A tiny toy that makes a big boom, but will it work? And later, a guy pings the shop with a memento given to U.S. sailors who sank U-68, Germany’s most feared WWII submarine. Will Rick set his depth charges on “buy” or let this deal sink to the bottom?

Episode 8 What The Truck
S 6 E 8

What The Truck

Aired on May 21, 2012

Go off-road with the Pawn Stars when they’re presented with a 1960’s Mercedes Unimog. A German military vehicle built to go just about anywhere, will the guys cross rocky terrain for this rare truck or will they tell the seller to hit the trail? Then, a guy marches in with a sign that hung on the Berlin Wall. Will Corey and Rick make a deal or will the item divide them? And later, a collection of 1980’s Garbage Pail Kids trading cards has Chumlee reliving his childhood. Can he convince Rick that these are worth picking up, or do they belong in the trash?

Episode 7 Bossy Pants
S 6 E 7

Bossy Pants

Aired on May 21, 2012

The Pawn Stars are flying high when a panel off the world’s fastest airplane, the SR-71 Blackbird, soars by the shop. A supersonic spy jet from the Cold War, will the guys have the intelligence to make a deal? Then, a solid bronze 16th century cannon fires into the shop. Specially made for use on ships, can the guys battle on the high seas for this antique weapon or will the deal sink their fortunes? And later, a customer brings in a vintage pair of gigantic Levis jeans. Used as a display in stores, will Rick and Chum wear the pants in this deal or will they need to button up their skills?

Episode 6 Trigger Happy
S 6 E 6

Trigger Happy

Aired on Apr 23, 2012

The Pawn Stars get fired up when a rare three-trigger Stevens shotgun barrels into the shop. Will the third trigger be the charm, or is this gun a three-time loser? Then, Corey and Rick are presented with a movie camera used by the U.S. military during WWII. Built to operate on the battlefield, can it draw Rick’s focus or will he shoot it down? And later, an Abraham Lincoln campaign token comes in on the Night Shift. Handed out during Lincoln’s 1864 re-election campaign, will Olivia elect to bring in a second opinion or will run solo on this deal?

Episode 5 Chum-p Change
S 6 E 5

Chum-p Change

Aired on Apr 23, 2012

Make it rain with the Pawn Stars, when a collection of paper money from the Republic of Texas comes into the shop. Printed when Texas was an independent country, can Rick and the Old Man cash in on this deal, or is it not worth a dime? Then, it’s a real life shoot-out when the guys compete in an “old vs. new” rifle shooting competition. Can Rick keep his antique Winchester on target and blast out a win, or will some modern, high-power weapons have him outgunned? And later, Rick and the Old Man are presented with a pair of printing plates for a movie poster. From the controversial 1943 film “The Outlaw,” do the guys rustle up some dough for this classic Hollywood item or just put it out to pasture.

Episode 4 To the Moon
S 6 E 4

To the Moon

Aired on Apr 16, 2012

Ride in style with the Pawn Stars when a limousine formerly owned by Jackie Gleason pulls up to the shop. Will this luxury ride really be “The Great One” or is the seller stretching the truth? Then, a football spirals into the shop signed by the winners of Super Bowl I. Including Vince Lombardi himself, can Rick push this deal into the end zone or will he get stymied by a tough defense? And later, Rick and the Old Man are presented with a commemorative plaque of Mount Rushmore. Made of pure silver, will they silver tongues to get a good deal or will the seller’s price be set in stone?

Episode 3 Wild Thing
S 6 E 3

Wild Thing

Aired on Apr 16, 2012

Soar to new heights with the Pawn Stars when an A6 Texan fighter plane buzzes the tower. Actually flown during WWII, will the guys try to land this ultimate piece of war machinery or will they think the whole idea is just plane crazy? Then, a 1974 VW Thing cruises by. The same model as Rick’s first car, will his nostalgia trigger an offer, or will this trip down memory lane turn into a nightmare? And later, a guy brings in his collection of Civil War-era cannon balls. Will Rick and Chumlee shoot for the moon over these cast iron weapons or will their offer be way off target?

Episode 2 Corey's Big Burn
S 6 E 2

Corey's Big Burn

Aired on Apr 09, 2012
The Pawn Stars prepare to play rough when an original program from the very first NFL championship rushes into the shop. A 1932 game between the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans, will the guys push this deal into overtime, or will damage cause them to pass? Then, Rick sees dollar signs when he's presented with an exploding dye pack of $10 bills. Used by banks to catch thieves, can Rick steal the deal, or will it blow up in his face? And during the night shift, a 1960's Schwinn tandem bike rolls into the shop. Will Chumlee and Olivia take this classic bike for a pawn-paired spin, or will the negotiation go flat?
Episode 1 Guilty as Charged
S 6 E 1

Guilty as Charged

Aired on Apr 09, 2012

The Pawn Stars are up in arms when a late 1700’s flintlock four-barrel handgun takes aim at the shop. Will Rick bite the bullet for this 4-piped pistol, or does he let it shoot by? Then, Rick and the Old Man are presented with a book of misprinted Eisenhower postage stamps. Are these first class mistakes or will they be returned to sender? And later, when Rick finds broken merchandise in the warehouse, he uses the shop’s security camera to try and track down the guilty party.

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