History Stories
AUTHOR: Erin Blakemore
This Huge Women’s March Drowned Out a Presidential Inauguration in 1913
January 17, 2018

“Where are all the people?” an aide asked. Read More

I Went With Johnny Cash to Folsom Prison
January 12, 2018

Fifty years later, one of the only reporters allowed inside recalls the iconic concert. Read More

The Fight for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 10, 2018

It took 15 years of fighting for MLK Day to be declared a national holiday—but some states pair it with a holiday celebrating Confederate leader Robert E. Lee. Read More

Until 1975, ‘Sexual Harassment’ Was the Menace With No Name
January 8, 2018

Meet Lin Farley, the woman who helped coin the term 'sexual harassment.' Read More

Sexual Exploitation Was the Norm for 19th Century Ballerinas
January 5, 2018

Wealthy men turned the famous Paris Opera Ballet into a brothel. Read More

How TV Killed Hollywood’s Golden Age
January 3, 2018

Television brought film into people’s homes—but flattened Hollywood. Read More

‘Cutting’ Was the Brutal Victorian Version of Throwing Shade
January 2, 2018

Much like ghosting today, cutting was the ultimate 19th-century dis. Read More

How a Postal Strike Became a National Emergency for Richard Nixon
December 29, 2017

The 1970 postal strike brought the nation to its knees. Read More

Women Got ‘Married’ Long Before Gay Marriage
December 28, 2017

Boston marriage was an appealing alternative for women who didn’t want to depend on men. Read More

The Personal Tragedy Behind the “Joy of Cooking”
December 21, 2017

How a down-on-her-luck homemaker wrote one of history’s bestselling cookbooks. Read More