September 30, 1399 : Henry IV proclaimed


Henry Bolingbroke is proclaimed King Henry IV of England upon the abdication of King Richard II.

Henry was the eldest surviving son of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster. While his father was away in Spain, Henry joined other lords in opposing King Richard II’s rule. Richard later regained the upper hand and in 1398 banished Henry from the kingdom. When John of Gaunt died in February 1399, Richard seized the Lancastrian estates, thus depriving Henry of his inheritance. Claiming to be defending the rights of the nobility, Henry invaded England in July 1399, and Richard surrendered to him without a fight in August.

Upon becoming king of England, Henry imprisoned Richard in Pontefract Castle in Yorkshire, where the former king died of undetermined causes in February 1400. After a turbulent reign, Henry was succeeded by his son Henry V, the second of England’s three Lancastrian kings.

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September 30, 1399 : Henry IV proclaimed

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    September 30, 1399 : Henry IV proclaimed

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