A Year In History: 1943

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This Year in History:


Discover what happened in this year with HISTORY’s summaries of major events, anniversaries, famous births and notable deaths.

January 14

FDR becomes first president to travel by airplane on U.S. official business

On January 14, 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the first president to travel on official business by airplane. Crossing the Atlantic by air, Roosevelt flew in a Boeing 314 Flying Boat dubbed the Dixie Clipper to a World War II strategy meeting with Winston Churchill at Casablanca in North Africa. With German U-boats taking a […]

April 16

Hallucinogenic effects of LSD discovered

In Basel, Switzerland, Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist working at the Sandoz pharmaceutical research laboratory, accidentally consumes LSD-25, a synthetic drug he had created in 1938 as part of his research into the medicinal value of lysergic acid compounds. After taking the drug, formally known as lysergic acid diethylamide, Dr. Hofmann was disturbed by unusual […]

April 16

This Day in History Video: What Happened on April 16

LSD the hallucinogenic is discovered, Lenin returns to Russia during the Russian Revolution, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones release their first album, and Wayne Gretzky retires from hockey in This Day in History video. The date is April 16th. Vladimir Lenin, a Russian revolutionary, is famous for initiating what many call the October Revolution.