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MacArthur Arrives in New Guinea

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Witness General Douglas MacArthur arrive at New Guinea and a B24 plane bomb a Japanese cargo ship in this video from General MacArthur in World War II. In this latest video from the general, MacArthur arrives in New Guinea and is greeted warmly. MacArthur drives to the U.S. base on roads that were hacked out of the jungle. On the ride, he witnesses natives carrying supplies for the base, and the natives are protected by Australian troops. MacArthur introduces himself to some of the flyers, who are loading a B24 with bombs. The flyers are getting ready to take care of a Japanese cargo ship on the coast of New Guinea. Once over the ship, the video shows the men shoot the ship with machine guns, and then they drop a bomb on their target. The ship is crippled, and the American's mission is accomplished.