Ask Steve: Television in the 1960s

(1m 22s) tv-pg

This segment of Ask Steve explains how television in the 1960's failed to reflect upon the turmoil and confusion felt during this decade of change. Television in 1968 lagged behind in social change because there were only three networks. Since only three networks existed, they represented a large variety of people and did not want to alienate themselves from the public. 1968 television mostly consisted of escapists programs, such as Bewitched, Get Smart, and I Love Lucy. However, the first interracial kiss on television took place in a 1968 episode of Star Trek. The Mod Squad also aired, appealing to young people, but with a very traditional message of solving crime. laugh-In also aired in 1968, and was one of the first shows to poke fun of the establishment. It was not until the 1970's where there were more networks, and you had a variety of shows like Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

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