Inside Nebraska's Arbor Lodge

(3m 39s) tv-pg

Arbor Day, was founded by J Sterling Morton in 1872 when he and the Agricultural Board encouraged the planting of over one million trees in Nebraska. His famous house, the Arbor Lodge, grew from a four room log cabin to a fifty two room mansion that is now one of Nebraska's historical parks. Morton moved from Adams, New York to the prairies of Nebraska where he met his future wife, Caroline Joy French. What had started as a simple log cabin in the woods, soon grew into a mansion that hosted many important people including, Grover Cleveland and Williams Jennings Bryan. This mansion, became the home for Morton and his wife until her death in 1881. Morton has continued living in Arbor Lodge until his death in 1902, and his eldest son Joy, took over the family home. In 1923, Joy Morton donated the estate to the state of Nebraska, and is now a historical park.

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