Medal of Honor Criteria

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In a Mail Call video, R. Lee Ermey answers a question from Jeff of Illinois who wants to know exactly what it takes to receive a Medal of Honor, or the Congressional Medal of Honor, which is the highest military award our country bestows. All personnel, whether enlisted or officers, in all branches of the service are eligible to receive a Medal of Honor as long as their actions meet the following criteria: the act of bravery must occur while engaged in an action against foreign opposition or an enemy of the United States, secondly the act must be so outstanding that it can be distinguished as above and beyond the call of duty, it must involve the risk of his or her life and it must be confirmed by at least two eye witnesses. All together, 3,459 Medals of Honor have been awarded since the award was first presented in 1863; 19 men are double recipients. There are three different designs for the medal, one for the Air Force, one for the Army, and one shared by the Navy and the Marines. Today there are only 142 living recipients of the Medal of Honor and the last action for which the medals were awarded was in 1993.

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