A Year In History: 1915

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This Year in History:


Discover what happened in this year with HISTORY’s summaries of major events, anniversaries, famous births and notable deaths.

January 1

A preview of “The Birth of a Nation” is shown to audiences

On January 1, 1915, audiences file into the Loring Opera House at 3745 7th Street in Riverside, California, for a sneak preview of D.W. Griffith’s first full-length feature film, The Clansman. Later renamed The Birth of a Nation, the controversial Civil War epic would become Hollywood’s first blockbuster hit. After making more than 450 short […]

February 8

“The Birth of A Nation” opens in L.A., glorifying the KKK

On February 8, 1915, D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation, a landmark film in the history of cinema, premieres at Clune’s Auditorium in Los Angeles. The film was America’s first feature-length motion picture and a box-office smash, and during its unprecedented three hours Griffith popularized countless filmmaking techniques that remain central to the art […]

May 1

International Congress of Women adopts resolutions on peace, women’s suffrage

On May 1, 1915 in The Hague, Netherlands, the International Congress of Women adopts its resolutions on peace and women’s suffrage. The congress, also referred to as the Women’s Peace Conference, was the result of an invitation by a Dutch women’s suffrage organization to women’s rights activists around the world to gather in peaceful assemblage […]

June 3

Austro-German troops recapture Przemysl fortress from Russians

On June 3, 1915, Austro-Hungarian and German troops recapture Przemysl fortress (now in Poland), from Russian forces. The citadel guarding the northeastern-most point of the Austro-Hungarian Empire had been held by Russian soldiers for several months. Used as the Austrian army headquarters during the first months of World War I, Przemysl was ordered to hold […]