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History of Beer in America

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In this Hands on History video with Ron Hazelton, trace the history of great American breweries to the immigrants who started them. Take for example the city of Boston, famous as the birthplace of the American Revolution and has a long tradition in brewing. One man played a key role in both the Revolution and the brewing, Samuel Adams. Throughout the early 1800's, immigrant families began starting up breweries like the ones they knew back in Europe. During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the Yuengling family began brewing beer in Pennsylvania; six generations later, they are still brewing almost the same way as they used to. Hazelton talks with Dick Yuengling, a brewer who carries on years of tradition, for he is the fifth generation to run his family's brewery. Yuengling tells the history of his family's brewery and explains how they still practice brewing in many of the same ways that it was done 170 years ago. Also see how beer used to be bottled back in the day!