History Stories
AUTHOR: Becky Little
See America’s First Memorial to its 4,400 Lynching Victims
April 20, 2018

A new memorial and museum in Montgomery, Alabama, challenges the nation to acknowledge its crimes. Read More

Lost Tuskegee Airman’s Body May Have Been Found
April 10, 2018

Captain Lawrence E. Dickson could be the first missing Tuskegee pilot identified since the end of World War II. Read More

The Violent History of the U.S.-Mexico Border
April 9, 2018

Chinese immigrants, escaped slaves, and Native Americans were all people U.S. forces tried to keep on one side or the other. Read More

Researchers Just Discovered 50 Ancient Hieroglyphs in Peru
April 6, 2018

The newly found Nazca Lines are thousands of years old. Read More

Why Martin Luther King’s Family Believes James Earl Ray Was Not His Killer
April 4, 2018

Fifty years after his assassination, Dr. King’s family thinks the convicted gunman was innocent. Read More

When a Russian President Ended Up Drunk and Disrobed Outside the White House
April 3, 2018

Was Bill Clinton's 1994 meeting with Boris Yeltsin the most hilariously awful state visit in history? Read More

Oldest Human Footprints in North America Discovered
March 30, 2018

The footprints provide more clues about human migration from the Eastern to the Western Hemisphere. Read More

The Most Controversial Census Changes in American History
March 29, 2018

Between 1850 and 1930, the census created new categories that reinforced a white supremacist obsession with ‘racial purity.’ Read More

Viking Village With ‘Graffiti’ Found in Dublin
March 27, 2018

The well preserved artifacts date from the 12th century. Read More

Communications Companies Have Been Spying on You Since the 19th Century
March 26, 2018

Think corporate surveillance like the recent Facebook scandal is new? Think again. Read More