Adam Heffner from Assembly Required

Adam Heffner

Maker: Episode 10

Adam is our aspirational dad and can-do builder. He is quick witted and hilarious, and a super skilled fabricator. Growing up, he was always watching his father tinkering and building something. Inspired by his father’s work, Adam had an early fascination with woodworking and metal work. So much so, that he pursued welding in high school, and beyond. He’s the proud owner of Maker Table in Springfield, TN, an entirely in-house fabrication company that has quickly grown. With a background in construction, Adam is also a pro woodworker, equally comfortable working with wood and metal. Whether he’s making suspensions, lifts, bumpers, architectural creations or ornamental designs, Adam does it all. Field Construction exposed Adam to framing, foundation building and finished carpentry, too. He’s built everything from treehouses to longboards and his electrical skills came along with his welders certifications. He even wired his entire shop himself! He’s confident in mechanical skills as well, and considers himself a robot mechanic, having built a plasma table.