Bret Schaller

Maker: Episode 8

This happy-go-lucky dad of four can build you a motorcycle, a four-car garage or a product you didn’t know you needed. Bret is a personable and outgoing engineer and inventor. Born and raised in northern California, he has always been inventing, building and tinkering since before he was even studying engineering. Some of his earliest projects include turning rusty shopping carts into go-karts to race down the hills of Oakland. With multiple degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Bret is highly educated. Immediately out of school, he began designing and building motorcycles Wisconsin—something he did for a total of ten years.

He lives an active lifestyle with his four sons and wife. Currently in North Carolina, he’s built custom pool slides, and huge motorcycle jumps for him and his sons to test out. Another project includes an electric skateboard. An endearing jack of all trades, Bret’s not all fun and games. He’s done lots of home improvement projects, including building a pool house and a chicken coop. Whether its carpentry, mechanics, electrical or plumbing, this fabricator is up for any challenge or build thrown his way.