Bianca Moreno from Assembly Required

Bianca Moreno

Maker: Episode 7

A self-identifying ‘Artist’ in her trade, Bianca is no fluff, super tough, and can make you anything you need. Growing up, her dad would always be teaching her something to do with carpentry or auto mechanics. She says her backyard was always filled with cars, generators, tools and various ongoing projects. For 10 years, Bianca had a career at Warner Brother Records. She then got her Real Estate License and, ultimately, her Contractor License. Bianca is no normal contractor though, and prefers to do every aspect of the job herself. From carpentry to electrical to plumbing, she excels in all areas. Both her parents were home improvement types, so construction and auto mechanics were second nature to her.

Blending the worlds of design and construction, Bianca is both a detailed and deadline focused builder. A self-proclaimed solution oriented person, Bianca always has to get creative and creates her own designs to solve unusual projects and problems. From a tool-less assembly and modular Hupa to an 1800-square-foot custom ballet floor to the many cars and engines she’s built, Bianca is our badass builder. She owns her own company, “done right! By BIANCA, Inc, and one of the best-kept secrets in the world of construction and home improvement.

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