Julia Mongomery from Assembly Required

Julia Montgomery

Maker: Episode 6

Julia approaches every project with her patented can-do attitude. No project is too big or small for this artist, welder, fabricator and woodshop teacher from Venice Beach, California. She started her own company, “Woodshop Kids,” where she teaches children ages 4 and up the basics of woodworking. Growing up the middle of 3 children, Julia was always working with her dad, learning the ins and outs of the mechanical shop and the tools and equipment within. It’s her father who instilled in her a sense of creativity as they worked together to build Julia’s first truck. She has an affinity for welding and has started a lot of fires in her home due to her passion for creating. Known for being a scrap collector in her neighborhood, she loves to collect items other people throw away, repurpose it and transform it into something completely unique. Julia says she’s most successful as a builder when she’s getting dirty. Like most artists, Julia is driven by the creative process. She loves working on projects, and is always tinkering with some machine, whether it’s fixing equipment in her father-in-law’s shop, working on her wife’s motorcycle, or on their trucks and other fun toys.