Leif Maginnis

Maker: Episode 4

Leif is both lighthearted and exceptionally talented. A skilled fabricator, Leif is down to earth and delights in his epic builds. Growing up, Leif was inspired by his father who worked as an electrician and as a young child, he would go with his dad to various work sites on boats or in walk-in freezers. Here he would watch his dad tinker and repair. Leif’s career as a builder spans over a decade and includes a variety of different skills. With four years of Art School in his background, Leif is highly skilled in both welding and carpentry. He is also adept in all things electrical and incorporating mechanical components. In addition, he has worked as a teacher educating college age students in building with metal, wood, and plastics. As a fabricator and artist, Leif is also a huge advocate of working with your hands. While he believes it’s great for people to learn the newest technologies like 3D printing, he also wants to make sure you know how to change a tire. Leif has an impressive resume of building sets and art pieces for award shows, theme parks, Broadway, Television and Movies.

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