Mike Gould from Assembly Required

Mike Gould

Maker: Episode 9

Mike is the epitome of a big kid at heart. He loves building mini monster trucks, pocket bikes and transforming average things to make them go fast. He has three sons who all share the same passion, but Mike jokes that he has more fun than they do! Growing up in the small town of Sherwood, OR, Mike’s first job included picking berries and bucking hay. Whenever he had downtime, he would watch his grandfather tinkering in the garage. He got his hands dirty working at a couple of sheet metal shops, but then decided to follow his heart to Eugene, OR, where he could create and build bicycles. Mike made everything from standard bikes to foldable bikes to cargo bikes to recumbent bikes. He currently runs his own business, where he specializes in designing and manufacturing small custom metal parts. His biggest client is a motorcycle company where he gets to design unique add-on components. When Mike isn’t working on a creation for a client, he is either transforming his son’s toy car bed into an actual go-kart or building a mini-monster truck known as the “Grave Digger.”

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