Chris Zeppieri from Assembly Required

Chris Zeppieri

Maker: Episode 3

Chris is an enthusiastic, multi-faceted vessel of talent. His outgoing attitude and charismatic personality will leave even his fiercest competition wanting to befriend him. Like many expert craftsmen, Chris’ affinity for making is partially genetic. Chris’ mom was an interior designer and his dad was a home remodel construction worker. Chris started working in residential construction around the age of 15 by helping his dad on jobs, but if you ask Chris, his interest in working with his hands began before that. After years of honing his skills as a carpenter, then as a mechanic, Chris went to art school, where he started to develop his skills for sculpting, fabrication and welding. Chris is now the owner of his own studio, Make Everything, where he—you guessed it—makes everything. He uses his company to craft it all, including building motorcycles, making furniture, milling lumber, restoring old machines, building steel sculptures and even teaching welding and woodworking.