Jordan Harris from Assembly Required

Jordan Harris

Maker: Episode 10

An inspiring entrepreneur, Jordan is living the dream of working with his hands, building, repairing and making the world a better place. Growing up, Jordan always loved to draw buildings and houses. He has fond childhood memories of building go carts; yet his real passion for building sparked as a child when he witnessed his parents getting taken advantage of by many different contractors. This would later inspire Jordan to learn all these skills himself. With a degree in business entrepreneurship and years of studying architecture, Jordan began his professional design career by rebuilding and renovating an old home with the help of his brother. From correcting twisted framing and rerouting electrical lines and plumbing, Jordan can do it all himself.

Jordan’s tiny home conversion business is a passionate advocate for homelessness and our cultural issue of over consumption, reimagining the value of repurposing, reusing and redefining community. Besides his successful conversion business, Jordan has also made a name for himself building custom furniture and epoxy wall art and doing repairs. He has also designed and built an agricultural system for a university.