Austin Peters from Assembly Required

Austin Peters

Maker: Episode 2

Austin Peters is as creative as it gets. He prides himself on being a Jack of all trades, and especially loves using old materials to create new, innovative builds. He works his butt off, but is not too busy to party from time to time. As a builder who is respectable in every field from plumbing to engineering, Austin claims that there is no project that intimidates him. The biggest lesson he’s learned is that there is a solution to every problem. Austin’s journey as a builder began as a kid, when he would ride motorcycles until the wheels fell off—literally. He was constantly breaking the motorcycles he rode, which meant he had to fix them. Fixing these broken-down motorcycles made him fall in love with craftsmanship.

Not only is Austin a talented builder, he is also a great musician. He moved to California after high school, where he earned himself a spot working under Sammy Hagar from Van Halen. He assisted Hagar in music-related tasks, as well as website maintenance. I’m not sure if there’s a skill that Austin doesn’t possess. Just because he hasn’t had many full-time building jobs doesn’t mean the skill level isn’t there. He did all the carpentry for the house he lives in, and is currently remodeling his bathroom by himself.