Michael Williams from Assembly Required

Michael Williams

Maker: Episode 9

When it comes to being a craftsman, there’s nothing Michael can’t do! After 20 years of working in the corporate side of power tools, Michael decided to scrap everything and start his own tool company. He started building furniture when he was just a kid and since then has taught himself a myriad of skills, ranging from designing custom tool belts and aprons to redesigning and producing the instant replay system that serves the entire National Football League. A jack-of-all-trades, Michael’s combination of wild creativity and being a perfectionist have resulted in finished products that are truly the best of the best.

Michael recognized his passion for working with his hands at a young age. Getting an early start paved the way for him to spend the rest of his life practicing new skills. Learning the elements of design has ultimately set him up for great success. Lovingly nicknamed “The Mad Scientist,” this problem-solving genius thrives when it comes to facing a challenge and this competition will be no different. While Michael’s main occupation is being a business owner, his true title should be “skill collector.” After studying industrial design in school, Michael worked hard to expand his repertoire, which now includes in-depth experience in woodworking, furniture design, welding, sewing, mechanics, stained glass creation, electrical setup, plumbing, home remodeling and more!

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