"Notch" Gonzalez

Maker: Episode 4

Ignacio AKA “Notch” Gonzalez is an example of the American dream. Every day, he gets to bring his imagination to life in his workshop, creating the coolest variety of builds for clients. Notch has designed and built incredible restaurants with realistic themes, such as steampunk, pirate ship, and tiki. He even does man caves for residential clients. People who hire Notch know that he will create a world that enables them to escape reality. Notch is incredibly versatile. He is unique in that he is as skilled at cars as he is with creating cool custom venues and residential rooms.

Notch’s creativity began at a young age, when he started building Star Wars models. He was inspired by his love for old movies and history, which still influences his design style. Notch decided that he would try to bring the epic scenes and images he saw on the big screen into real life. Growing up, Notch was at the foot of his father who worked on cars. It’s no surprise that he’s now opened up his own custom car shop and eventually evolved to building cool props and contraptions. He has been featured in Architectural Digest for his Steampunk-inspired restaurant build.