Evan Collier

Maker: Episode 5

This unibrowed model turned maker is the modern-day Willy Wonka. If you can dream it, Evan can build it. Clients ranging from Nike to Diplo come to Evan to create interactive displays and functional builds, like a sushi bar or a DJ stand. Evan is known for installing lights, mechanical elements and bold furniture to set his work apart. This is NOT your average Joe builder. Evan may be the owner of his company, but he happily gets his hands dirty every day. From woodworking to welding to even sewing, this guy can do it all without breaking a sweat. As the son of a contractor, Evan learned how to build as a child. His family even lived in a renovated church that his father had built. He doesn’t remember a time he wasn’t creating with his hands. Evan is always pushing himself; he’s a true maker who has an endless amount of imagination. He’s currently building a ship to travel around with other makers.