Sam Turner

Maker: Episode 7

This upbeat father of four is our brilliant bearded builder. He may be a nerd, but Sam’s builds make him the coolest kid on the block. He gets so passionate about his projects he tends to over-explain things to people, causing their eyes to glaze over. His top skills are fabrication, metalwork, engineering, electrical and hydraulics. Some of Sam’s prior work/education includes studying to become a mechanical engineer, a two-year summer internship at Kennedy space center and working as a service engineer. One of his coolest builds, a hydraulic controlled three wheeled-take on the mono-wheel, was dubbed “The Kraken.” Sam has won several first-place awards at motorcycle competitions and has been featured in full throttle magazine. He has always had a mechanical aptitude that began at a young age with Lego. At 12-13 years of age, he learned to weld and in high school, he built engines and trebuchets. When he was 15, he even made an electrolysis generator and accidentally blew a hole in the ceiling of his science lab.

Sam owns his own company, Head Turner Customs.