Maxwell Britton from Assembly Required

Maxwell Britton

Maker: Episode 6

Maxwell, the cowboy builder, is a master fabricator and precise perfectionist with more skills in his holster than anyone in town. Don’t let his politeness fool you, he’s ready and gearing for his next challenge. He has lived all over the country, but mainly grew up in south Florida. Even as a child, he always identified himself as an artist and both his parents were very encouraging of his passion. When he wasn’t in school or making art, Maxwell spent his time as a kid riding horses and winning trophies for barrel racing. After studying in Detroit, Maxwell moved all around building and designing sets for independent feature films until he finally landed in Atlanta to chase that film industry gold. Maxwell has since worked on major motion pictures like Black Panther and Avengers Endgame.

As a skilled fabricator, fine artist and sculptor, Maxwell’s talents include: welding, fabricating, woodworking, electrical, framing, cement pouring, sketching, designing and carving. His personal projects include a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired treehouse and push go-karts for his kids. On his seven-acre property, he has plans to build another treehouse with a zip line and a guesthouse out of shipping containers. With almost 30 years experience designing and building sets in the film industry, Maxwell loves fabricating and putting his own crafty and colorful spin on projects. While he loves to build with his kids, he is also extremely organized in his workshop.