Jacky Perez from Assembly Required

Jacky Perez

Maker: Episode 9

Jacky “Jack Rabbit” Perez is a free spirit and one of a kind. But don’t be fooled by her chill demeanor. This master fabricator is determined and driven, and always delivers! Carpentry and metalwork are Jacky’s strongest areas, but she also knows her way around an auto body shop, and has built some jaw-dropping vehicles. Jacky, who is of Mexican descent was the first of her family to be born and raised in Southern California. Many of her family members were craftsmen and she grew up learning the value of working with her hands. With a seamstress grandmother and carpenter grandfather, repairing and building are in Jacky’s blood. She studied product and industrial design and has worked in several fabrication shops to hone her skills. She now runs her own shop, making custom sets and props. She even built her own living space and installed her own plumbing and electricity. This quirky and creative powerhouse has truly done it all. From music video set designs to museum installations to custom furniture to incredible auto body designs and fabrication, Jacky “Jack Rabbit” Perez is not here to play around. She’s here to win!