Charles Kern

Maker: Episode 5

Charles Kern has been flipping buses into tiny homes, RVs, mobile markets—whatever the customer needs really—since he was in college. His freshman year, he and a friend found a ride to a festival on Craigslist and it happened to be on a party bus! This was the first time he drove a bus and upon return from the event, the bus owner and Charlie started a party bus company. His home on wheels may only take up 185 square feet, but it has all the modern amenities—a bathroom with working toilet and a hot water heater for showers, a kitchen with oven for baking and a wood stove for cold, Colorado nights. Growing up, Charles would hang out in the garage with dad. His father was the strong, silent type, but while he worked on projects, Charles would watch and occasionally ask Questions. The man can do it all, including problem solve. Charles also has a background in philosophy, which makes him very capable of thinking his way to any solution.