Mike Harvey from Assembly Required

Mike Harvey

Maker: Episode 3

Mike is a ray of sunshine—he always has a smile on his face, and nothing makes him happier than working with his hands. As the owner of both a general contracting company and a rigging company, Mike is adept at working on large-scale theatrical projects (with massive stages and intricate lighting), as well as with home and commercial builds. He never loses optimism when it comes to tackling a new project. If Mike doesn’t know how to build something, he’ll look it up and practice until he knows how. He’s done everything from set design to a home radio to forging to even building a chapel with stained glass windows. Being a builder is in Mike’s bones. Whenever he has a spare moment, he loves to go into his shop and tinker around with objects–clocks, radios, workbenches–any gadget you can think of. He calls himself a “compulsive builder.”