Adam Riley

Season 9

Age: 36

Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Profession: Alpaca Shearer, Treehouse builder

Adam has always had a thirst for adventure. When he was nine years old he and his family immigrated from England to Florida, and as a rosy-cheeked British kid, he had his first taste of swamps and wildlife. He spent his childhood in the woods catching snakes and building forts, and when he graduated high school he quit his job as a professional alligator wrestler, bought a ticket to Madagascar, and spent four months exploring the island’s jungles and mountains. Upon returning to the US, he moved to the desert southwest and worked as an instructor at a wilderness therapy program where honed his backcountry and survival skills.

Adam spent the next fifteen years exploring remote wilderness on every continent. He returned to the U.K. to complete his Bachelors in African Studies, and while doing so took on an apprenticeship with a professional shearer. The seasonal work of shearing allowed him ample time off for more adventure. In 2008 he set off to travel overland from London to Singapore. He bought a horse in northern Mongolia and spent two months crossing the steppes, learning traditional skills from the people of that region. In 2010 he bought a van in Australia and drove across the interior outback, looking for surf and reptiles. In 2013 he purchased his first sailboat, convinced one of his buddies to join him, and taught himself how to sail across the Caribbean. That first chaotic season encountering storms and running into sandbars opened up a whole new world for him. In 2015 he spent four months in the Peruvian mountains living and working in remote Quechua communities, shearing alpacas and exchanging skills. Family health problems brought him back to his family farm in Arkansas, but after attempting (and failing) to settle down into a normal life, he took off once again for his most daring adventure yet, a single handed crossing of the pacific ocean..

In the summer of 2018, with minimal equipment or technology, he transited the Panama canal and set off for an 8000-mile solo journey. Adam spent over 80 days alone at sea. The longest passage being a grueling 22-day, 3500-mile crossing from the Galapagos to French Polynesia. Passing through the crucible of sleep deprivation, isolation, equipment failures, and storms, he finally dropped his anchor five months later in New Zealand. The plan was to continue around the world after some time spent making repairs and refilling the coffers, but COVID shut down the borders and Adam was forced to sell his sailboat. Adam currently enjoys fishing and hunting in the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks, where he works as a carpenter building custom treehouses. In his free time, he is building a new cabin on his six-acre property and enjoys floating the Arkansas rivers and biking its many trails. He applied for Alone with the belief that his diverse skills and background have made him uniquely qualified to take on the challenge of Labrador, and add another chapter to his adventurous life.

Here are the ten items Adam selected to bring on his survival journey to the remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada:

1. Sleeping bag

2. 12×12 tarp

3. Ax

4. Folding saw

5. Multitool

6. Ferro rod

7. Fishing line and hooks

8. 2-quart pot

9. Trapping wire

10. Bow and arrows