Isaiah Tuck

Season 11

Age: 36

Hometown: Ghent,WV

Profession: Game Warden

Born and raised in southern West Virginia, Isaiah is no stranger to the outdoors and, most importantly, family values. His motto of “family first, always” is shown through his everyday actions. He attributes his work-ethic, positivity and determination to his small town upbringing. Isaiah is passionate about all things outdoors. Whether it’s camping, hiking, hunting, trout fishing or just honing his bushcraft skills, you can trust that he is making time for it.

He based his career choices out of a desire to serve his state and help those around him. Currently, he works as a West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officer. Working as a Game Warden allows him ample time to be surrounded by the woods and all the activities it offers. He also proudly serves in the WV Air National Guard on the Fatality Search and Recovery Team.

Isaiah’s ultimate focus in his busy life is to provide an environment for his family to know joy and a loving relationship together. His drive is to raise his daughter to be a good person and to know that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves.

Here are the ten items Isaiah selected to bring on his survival journey to the unforgiving Arctic Circle:

1. Sleeping Bag

2. Multitool

3. Pot

4. Ferro Rod

5. Bow and Arrows

6. Fishing Line and Hooks

7. Shovel

8. Paracord

9. Snare Wire

10. Saw