Keith Syers

Season 7

Age: 45

Hometown: Curlew, KY

Profession: Homesteader

Keith hails from Curlew, Kentucky, along the banks of the mighty Ohio River where he homesteads forty acres with his wife. He lives in a tiny salvage house on a hybrid grid system they built by hand. Together, they raise stock, as well as an extensive garden, all while hunting, foraging and fishing. The land and waterways supply Keith and his family with the majority of their sustenance from season to season.

Keith is also a member of the American Mountain Men, an organization based on using gear from the early to mid-1800s that requires it’s members to survive off the land, alone and under any circumstances. The organization’s commitment to the conservation of wild places is near and dear to Keith’s heart.

An accomplished primitive hunter, Keith has taken game with anything from his own handcrafted atlatl to flintlock. He has been a trapper since a very young age and has honed his tracking skills over 30 years in the field.

Keith is an amateur blacksmith, bowyer and flintknapper. He believes ancestral skills start with your grandparents and stretch back into the ages. From flintknapping to gardening, he strives to have a well-rounded skill set and believes the land will show you if you will only see.

On Alone, Keith hopes to stretch his physical and mental skill set to the maximum. His overall motto is “Do good, don’t die.”

Here are the ten items Keith selected to bring on his survival journey to the Arctic:

1. Knife

2. Ax

3. Bow and arrows

4. Pot

5. Ferro rod

6. Multitool

7. Fishing line and hooks

8. Sleeping bag

9. Paracord

10. Trapping wire