David McIntyre

Season 2

David McIntyre is a post-apocalyptic fiction writer from rural Pennsylvania. He developed a keen interest in wilderness survival and primitive skills as a teenager and spent many of his early years hunting, fishing, trapping and hiking the Appalachian Mountains. As an adult, he took this passion and traveled to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where he founded the Per Ardua Wilderness Ministry and the Bushmaster Wilderness Survival School. David has practiced wilderness survival in the Appalachian forests, Alaska, Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest and in tropical Alpine ecosystems, just to name a few. In fact, he says he never feels comfortable living in a new location until he has survived in the area’s wilderness. David now lives in Michigan with his three children (14, 17 and 24) and is looking forward to exploring the temperate rainforest of Vancouver Island.

Here are the ten items David selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. Stainless steel knife

2. Ferro rod

3. 2 quart pot

4. 270 yards of 50 lb test fishing line, 30 yards of 100 lb test line, 25 circle hooks

5. Straight-blade folding saw

6. 2 lb ax

7. 0° rated sleeping bag

8. Bivy bag with US Army-issue Gore-Tex cover

9. Gill net

10. Emergency rations