Megan Hanacek

Megan Hanacek

Season 3

Megan is a professional forester and biologist working in British Columbia, Canada. Growing up in small coastal town at the edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, her love of the outdoors began during lengthy camping, fishing, diving and photography excursions with her father, who is also a biologist.

Megan’s survival and bushcraft skills were honed through 20 years of forestry and biology field work, and included numerous close encounters with predators such as cougars and bears. She is a certified fitness trainer, avid fisherwoman, marathon runner and adventure racer. She resides on Vancouver Island and says her greatest accomplishment is her family, including her husband and two children.

Here are the ten items Megan selected to bring on her survival journey to Patagonia:

1. Sleeping Bag: -14°, synthetic

2. Bivvy Bag

3. Ax: 31-inch, 4.5 lb head

4. Knife: W2 bowie knife, 10-inch blade

5. Pot: 2 quarts w/ handle

6. Gillnet

7. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks; 2 different weight tests

8. Paracord – ½ light and ½ dark

9. Ferro Rod

10. Ration