Jesse Bosdell

Season 5

Age: 32
Skowhegan, ME
Retired Green Beret

Since last season Jesse’s been attending college for bio-medical engineering at the University of Maine, while settling down and building a life around his organic garden and livestock farm.

He’s worked as a wood working finisher during the summer, while also performing in leading roles at the Lakewood Theatre in his hometown of Skowhegan.

Keeping active by hiking and camping in national parks across New England, he’s also been hunting and survival camping on family and friend’s property throughout Maine. He’s become a sponge for new survival tricks and hopes to showcase his new talents on the upcoming season in Mongolia.

A fan of taking on new challenges, Jesse, along with his younger brother, has taken up bee keeping with hopes of making mead. Jesse builds his own bee hives by hand and has grown the hives from 12,000 bees to 30,000 bees. He’s excited to try this grand adventure again, but this time on his own. Jesse’s fully confident he can do better than last season now that he’s solely relying on himself.

Here are the ten items Jesse selected to bring on his survival journey to Mongolia:

1. Sleeping bag
2. Knife
3. Ferro rod
4. Food ration
5. Canteen
6. Pot
7. Bow and arrows
8. Fishing line and hooks
9. Saw
10. Axe