James "Wyatt" Black

Season 10

Age: 50

Hometown: Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Business Owner

Wyatt is a mixed bag of Scottish, Irish and English descent. Born in Barrie, Ontario, he lived his first nine years in New Lowell, then moved to Dorset when his parents, Wayne and Patricia Black, bought a small marina on Lake of Bays where he will always call home. He is the oldest of four with three younger siblings: Warren, Samantha and Yevette. Wyatt comes from a long line of hunters, fishermen and general outdoorsmen. He’s also very proud of his family’s support of Canada and its allies in World War I and II with grandparents on both parents’ sides being veterans.

Since Wyatt could walk, he was in the woods and fishing the lakes and rivers of Ontario with his grandfathers, father, aunts, uncles and siblings, and that has never stopped. It is as essential to him as breathing and has been responsible for some of his fondest memories. Wyatt is honored to share these wilderness traditions with any new members of his family. Growing up in Dorset, Wyatt had the good fortune of meeting some awesome trappers who were more than happy to share their knowledge, wisdom, and stories with a young man who was willing to listen, learn and help. Old Lorne Greenaway had a trapper’s shack where he, his son Paul, son-in-laws Len Lock and Ronnie Ryan, and friend Roy McKay would skin fur, share tricks of the trade, and swap lies. Wyatt attributes all of his trapping skills to these men.

Wyatt is the proud father of two boys, Andrew and Evan, who have given his life new meaning and made every day that much more special. None of it could have been possible without the love and support of their mother and Wyatt’s lovely wife Michelle, who met him in high school and is still putting up with him today. Wyatt has been a coach of minor league baseball and always has tried to play an active role in his community to make it a better place for everyone.

The challenge of Alone has captured Wyatt’s attention since he saw the first episode. He’s been a fan ever since and has no trouble saying that many of Alone’s past participants have touched him in many ways. He is hoping that he can do the same for others while he embarks on this journey to test his skills and share with the world the trials and tribulations that have made him who he is today.

Here are the ten items Wyatt selected to bring on his survival journey to the bone-chilling temperatures of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada:

1. Cooking Pot

2. Axe

3. Saw

4. Ferro Rod

5. Sleeping Bag

6. Snare Wire

7. Paracord

8. Fishing Line and Hooks

9. Bow and Arrows

10. Multitool