Britt Ahart

Britt Ahart

Season 3

Britt was born and raised in the suburbs of Virginia, but he’s always felt a strong desire to be in the wilderness. Several years in the Boy Scouts, along with many camping trips and hikes, helped propel his wilderness desires. After 30 years in Virginia, he relocated to the rural farms and forests of Ohio. There he began a family and continued a more focused study of bushcraft and resourceful primitive living. He now enjoys spending his time acquiring more skills while passing on knowledge to his 6-year-old son, Campbell, who is already expressing his love for the wilderness.

Here are the ten items Britt selected to bring on his survival journey:

1. Knife

2. Multitool

3. Paracord

4. Fishing line and hooks

5. Pot

6. Ferro Rod

7. Sleeping Bag

8. Bow and arrows

9. Folding saw

10. Trapping wire