Timber Cleghorn

Season 11

Age: 35

Hometown: Salem, IN

Profession: Humanitarian Aid Worker

Timber grew up completely off-grid in the woods of Indiana, where he learned to work hard and be self-sustained. As a kid, Timber idolized the early frontiersmen, and if he wasn’t cutting wood or hauling water at home, he was out on his trapline catching fur bearers or practicing bushcraft skills. He saved money for college by trapping beavers and coyotes.

Timber discovered a passion for humanitarian aid work while on a summer trip helping orphanages in Ukraine. This passion led Timber into his current career as an aid worker.

Timber graduated from college as a research linguist. While there, he met and married his wife Cara. Together they moved overseas, where they have lived and worked in many underdeveloped tribal areas and conflict zones throughout Asia and the Middle East. Between times, Timber continues to pursue his passion by hunting and teaching wilderness survival and bushcraft classes.

Timber and Cara have two sons, Levi and Elliot. Timber and Cara love to go camping with their boys wherever they can find time and a patch of wilderness. Timber draws his strength from God and from his wife and kids. He hopes to make his sons proud by performing well on Alone Season 11.

Here are the ten items Timber selected to bring on his survival journey to the unforgiving Arctic Circle:

1. Sleeping Bag

2. 2-Quart Pot

3. Ferro Rod

4. Axe

5. Saw

6. Multitool

7. Bow and Arrows

8. Paracord

9. Snare Wire

10. Fishing Line and Hooks