Josh Chavez

Season 1

Josh considers himself a natural leader, and with his job as a law enforcement officer, he’s given the chance to test those leadership skills on a daily basis. When he’s not in uniform, he excels as an avid hunter, with bushcraft and survival skills developed through practice and a number of wilderness courses. Josh’s passion for outdoor self-reliance started in childhood with hunting. He soon realized how closely bushcraft skills were tied to the sport and his interest took off from there. For Josh, braving the wild of Vancouver Island is about the greatest test of the skills he’s been crafting for years. Although his greatest fear is leaving his family behind (including a pregnant wife, his daughter and son) he has always been a person to look danger in the eyes and is eager to see if his training as a police officer and outdoorsman will be enough for him to survive in such a rugged natural environment.

Here are the ten items Josh selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:

1. 12×12 ground sheet

2. 550 paracord – 20m

3. Saw

4. Axe

5. Sleeping bag

6. Bivi bag (gortex sleeping bag cover)

7. Large 2-quart pot

8. Ferro rod

9. 300 yards of single filament line with 25 assorted hooks

10. Bow and 6 arrows