Mikey Helton

Season 10

Age: 31

Hometown: Rome, GA

Profession: Carpenter

Mikey grew up in a small town. Even at an early age, most of his time was spent in the wilderness. Nature was always a way for him to escape—a way to be free. When he was young he had to live without common comforts. Having no running water or electricity meant learning how to live a different way and learning how to survive. He learned how to hunt and track animals. He learned how to fish and trap. He learned how to purify water for drinking and how to make fire. These are all skills that he continues to hone today.

Mikey is a carpenter by trade. He has a beautiful wife, Hazel, and five wonderful kids. They practice alot of natural and traditional methods—making natural medicines, harvesting wild foods, and crafting anything they can from nature. His youngest son, Nikolai, is autistic. Even through his sons daily challenges, Mikey and his family spend as much time in nature with him as possible. “Nature has a way of healing”.

Alone is the opportunity for Mikey to change life for his family—especially his son. Mikey wants to provide more opportunities to help Nikolai on his journey and make life easier for his son.

Here are the ten items Mikey selected to bring on his survival journey the bone-chilling temperatures of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada:

1. Axe

2. Saw

3. Ferro Rod

4. Multitool

5. Fishing Line and Hooks

6. Paracord

7. Cooking Pot

8. Snare Wire

9. Bow and Arrows

10. Sleeping bag